Ely’s Art Bank
Grand Opening

After months of refurbishing, Ely’s Art Bank
opened its doors on Friday, November 29th,

The Art Bank is located at 399 Aultman Street
in downtown Ely.

The Art Bank is a Gallery and
Cultural Center with a permanent
art collection of painting, sculptures,
and photos that depict the Great
Basin area and White Pine county.
These pieces represent  art work that
spans over 70 years and showcases
the natural elements that people
have used for generations to express
life in the Great Basin.

Local artists’ work is also on display
and for sale. Many of the local artists
will be at the Grand Opening ready
to show their work and explain their
techniques. This is a great
opportunity to meet and talk with
the artists while you enjoy the
atmosphere of the Art Among the

Local craftsman Mark Caylor has did
much of the restoration work
transforming the old bank into a
beautiful art gallery.  Real
aspen trees are mounted to the walls
to give the impression of being able
to walk among the trees to
enjoy the art work.

Come discover Ely’s newest
The original vault is in "mint" condition! Even many of the safe deposit
boxes are still lying in wait for limitless treasures!
Alumni News
Featuring the permanent display, "Art Among the Aspens".